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Trustmark Stationery Stores Blog

15th July 2017 - It's been a while

Well, that was an incredibly long time to be away from the blog! Apologies! But we have been busy busy busy trying and testing products to get you all exactly the things you want. We're always here though - if you can't reach the store during opening hours you can also get us on FaceBook or Twitter :) 

9th January 2016 - New Year, New Catalogues, New Challenges

Wow, what a fantastic 2015 we had here at Trustmark Stationery Stores! With the support of some lovely customers we raised a lot of money for Wear it Pink Breast Cancer campaign, Children in Need, Save the Children Christmas Jumper day, WellChild and 2 Wish Upon a Star. And our fabulous charity cyclist Vicky did some of the most toughest challenges ever! If you look closely enough, you'll be able to see the little cycling icon we've created for Vicky on the front of our 2016 Business Supplies catalogue!

However, there's always room for improvement and 2016 will be even better, with more charities to support and activities to tackle.

Still haven't got yours? You can order a set of our catalogues and brochures here! Or simply click on the images below to order the catalogue you would like.

Don't forget our new Janitorial Supplement too!

Happy New Year everyone!! :)

2016 Business Supplies Catalogue  2016 Janitorial Supplement   



15th August 2015 - Color Peps Demonstration

Say goodbye to lost caps, dried out felt tips and scribbles on the inside of your child's pencil case.

The Maped Color Peps Jungle Felt Tip Stand is a funky way to store and protect felt tips.

With nib protection, a flexible base and washable ink, this is a back to school must have!

Watch as todays special visitor demonstrates the fun-ness of the product!

13th August 2015 - National Left Handers day

Being left handed can be a struggle.

Endless ink smudges from right handed pens.

Your art work is guaranteed to be messed up if it includes paint, chalk, oil pastels etc.

And in primary school, the fight to be one of the lucky few to get their hands on the special left handed scissors seems almost like being in The Hunger Games.

Luckily, we have some stationary essentials for left handers to rid you of your suffering.

Don't miss out! Check them online or visit our store.


11th August 2015 - Trev's Plane

We had a lovely visitor today who was kind enough to create this brilliant plane for Trev the Trustmark Tiger using our fabulous range of arts and craft supplies!

Cardboard plane containing Trev the tiger


31st July 2015 - Get those kids out of bed!

We are pleased to announce that we are now hiring* megaphones for events, large and noisy halls or even just to get those kids out of bed in the morning! With a maximum output of 10 watts, our megaphone has an adjustable volume to suit the environment. The amplification lets you be heard between 500 to 700 metres away - you don't even need to go up the stairs!! Enquire now for further details.

Mum with megaphone

image source: 31.07.15

*Refundable deposit charges apply at point of hire

25th July 2015 - Back To School

Schools finally out for the summer and the last thing on any pupil's mind is Back To School essentials. 

However it's never too early to stock up for the new school year.

We have lots of fun and colourful school essentials from pencil cases to bright sticky notes, novelty sharpeners and left-hand everythings!

Need help knowing what to get for your children? Pick up our Back To School checklist in store now to help you whilst browsing the amazing range.

chalkboard checklist


4th July 2015 - Arts and Craft Madness

Attention crafters and artists (or friends of crafters and artists).

Here at Trustmark Stationery Stores we have an amazing range of Arts and Crafting equipment.

From colourful acrylic paints, to card making essentials, such as stickers.

So if you or your friend is crafty (or an aspiring artist), then get down to our store or visit our website for all of your crafting and artist needs met!


image source: 04.07.15


29th June 2015 - 'I Forgot Day'!

Thursday 2nd July is International I Forgot Day. A day that provides you with an opportunity to apologise for any forgotten birthdays, anniversaries, forgetting to pick someone up from school etc.

Or even a chance to apologise in advance for anything you think you'll forget in future!

You can simply apologise in words or shower the person with presents.

Either way, avoid forgetting important things again by checking out all the different products on our website that will help you remember.

Or head straight here for bargain packs of Repositional Sticky Notes to decorate your home with ;) or email us here for your free sample.

Man covered in Sticky Notes

27th June 2015 - 50 Shades of Grey? More like 23 Shades of Organisation!!

Thinking of colour coding your office or workspace?

Organising files and folders so that you instantly find the one you're looking for can be hard.

Not anymore!

Here at Trustmark Stationary Stores we have Exacompta heavy duty Lever Arch files available in 23 fantastic colours!

Why waste precious time when the wide variety of colours allows you to find those all-important files literally in the blink of an eye?!

Check out the beautiful rainbow of Exacompta Lever Arch Files (and Mini Lever Arch Files!) here!

Exacompta Lever Arch Files


16th June 2015 - A look back at yesteryear!

Collin Trustmark

We couldn't not share this pic of Collin after having a good old rummage in the memory box! Yes this is Collin (not-so-White) showcasing the fantastic range of calculators and typewriters we had on offer many moons ago! Why not send us your pics of antique stationery?


13th June 2015 - Trustmark's Summertime Kids Activities!!

Summertime is the best time of year for children. There's sun, trips to the beach, they're able to eat ice lollies every single day, regularly visiting the ice cream man AND they get to nag their parents about being bored until mum or dad take them somewhere fun!

However, in Britain, summer also means a few rainy days here and there, interrupting any form of summer fun.

At least thats what the children think!

It is a well-known fact that young children love arts and crafts, make and dos etc. And rainy days are reserved for such activities.

After some research, we have found ways that you can still have fun and maybe even spread some summer cheer even though it seems like winter outside of your window.

Two words: Fish Canvas.

The Fish Canvas is a fun, messy but simple activity. Keeping to the theme of summer by being ocean based, it is a great substitute for the rainy beach. And the best thing is that it has no age limits! So for a great activity for all the family, all you need is paper/card, paints and your hands!!

Here's an example of some great ocean artwork:

image source: 13.06.15

Here at Trustmark, we have a wonderful range of art supplies ranging from different types of paint brushes to big bottles of ready mixed paints to help with all of your art projects, whether it's fun projects with the little ones or a personal professional session, we can help!


30th May 2015 - Stupid Staplers!! (or not so stupid?)

Have you ever changed the setting on your stapler with no idea how to change it back?

Or do you just wonder why the stapler can do weird 'outward' stapling? 

Fun Fact: The rotatable section of a stapler which changes the settings is called an anvil.

Did you know? Back in the 1960's, members of the Civil Service were taught to use the anvil for its second purpose for presentations which were to be separated at some stage.

Using the outward staple setting is actually called pinning instead of stapling.

Its purpose is to pin papers/documents/presentations together only to be removed later on.

The outwardness makes the staples easier to remove unlike 'normal' staples which require a staple remover and are likely to rip the corners of the paper.

Check out our range of 'Not So Stupid' staplers here.

Stapler clip art.

Image source: 30.05.15

17th May 2015 - Raising money for 2 Wish Upon a Star

On the 29th of May, Vicky will be putting all of her cycling training to the test by participating in a 120 mile cycle ride from Taunton to Miskin for a most amazing and worthwhile local charity - 2 Wish Upon a Star.

Please support this fantastic cause by texting UPON66 £5 to 70070 to donate £5 or visit her Just Giving page: 

To find out more about 2 Wish Upon a Star please visit their website:

Vicky Pryor Trustmark 2 Wish Upon a Star Charity Bike Ride Taunton Miskin


28th April 2015 - Luna chairs making a splash! #verycomfy

Well it's seems the gorgeous designer luna chairs from Eliza Tinsley are a massive hit with our customers, check out what our customers had to say on Twitter here AND here! 

To check out the luna range for yourself and make us an offer just click the image below!

Luna Chair range


26th April 2015 - Hello World!

We are extremely exciting to announce our brand new blog! This will be the place to come for all things stationery. News and reviews, events, highlights and lowlights. Watch this space!

Trustmark team avatars