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A warm welcome to our ‘make us an offer’ feature.

The idea behind this quite unique idea is to show you, our customer, that we are willing to enter into conversations with you to enable you to get the best deal on the products you are wishing to purchase. 

We are trying to avoid the scenario where you simply browse the web, see a price and come off the page never to be seen again! 

If you walked into our retail store or rang us up we would try our best to ‘price match’ or offer the deal you are trying to secure so we reasoned that this was a feature our website should make available to you as well. 

Even though we are confident our website prices are highly competitive and offer fabulous value for money you can’t always be the cheapest on every product – especially when you’re offering over 25,000 of them! 

So if you see it cheaper or want a quantity deal just talk to us and we’ll talk back!

All you need to do is click on the ‘make us an offer’ button and enter the details, we would appreciate it if you could signify where you have found the item cheaper – we need to ensure we are offering like for like on quality and value. 

A message will be sent to us and after doing our best Sherlock Holmes style market research we’ll come back to you with a counter offer or alternative product that you may not be aware of. 

It’s as simple as that – no pressure to buy just simple, good old fashioned customer service via a modern medium.

So please – talk to us, talking is good – you may be happily surprised with the reply you get!